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Charity Fundraising Items For Silent Auctions & Charity Auctions

BlueTree Marketing provides nonprofit organizations and schools unique experiences for use in auction fundraising events.

These once in a lifetime experiences allow you to place highly sought after travel packages in your fundraising auction and allows you to purchase only what you sell, making it risk free. Once in a lifetime experiences, family vacations, major sporting events, cruises, golf trips, award shows and more, BlueTree has it all. Auction items that will increase donor loyalty and allow you to reach out beyond your typical donor base to a new, untapped source of revenue.

If your organization is searching for unique fundraising ideas for its next charity event, contact BlueTree Marketing at 1-866-607-2616.

BlueTree in the News

Local Firm Specializes in Charity Auctions

The adrenaline flows through the bidder as she excitedly watches the final seconds of the online auction wind down. She anxiously stares at the computer hoping to win that Napa Valley trip. FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE… “Congratulations, you’re the winner!” flashes on the screen. Does this sound familiar? Would you like to introduce this kind of excitement to your South Florida charity auction? BlueTree Marketing can make that happen… Read more at

Online Auctions: A New Source

Since we’re discussing auctions it seemed a great time to introduce a relatively new service in the world of Auctions. BlueTree Marketing now offers charity organizations, schools and churches and turnkey solution to efficiently take their fundraising efforts online. This week I received an email from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association regarding their annual fundraiser. Since they are a national charity, many, many donors cannot attend the annual dinner celebration at their HQ. For the first time they are using BlueTree and now all donors can participate in the auction portion of the event… Read more at

Blue Tree Marketing offers simple solution to Online Auction Fundraising

BlueTree has created a platform to effectively run online charity auctions in order to increase starting bids for live silent auctions or even better…replace them all together. So just to clarify, this can save nonprofits from having to set up big bulky events that require time, money, resources and instead allows them to engage donors in an interactive online setting—hmmm, sounds like an auctioneer’s utopia!… Read more at

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